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April 3, 2017

Short Term Business Loans | can now offer short term business loans up to the value of $500,000 for existing business owners. Whatever your reason for a business loan, can help with a short term business loan through MAX Financial Group Pty Ltd.
As a business owner, you will know the ups and downs associated with your business. Sometimes, you may need a extra funds to assist with expansion into a new business area or you are awaiting payments from customers which is putting stress on your cash flow.
Go to to follow the link to a simple 3 step process to pre-approval for your short term business loan.

Short term business loans

Short Term business Loans – Criteria


Loan Range: $1000 – $500,000
Term: 1 – 36 months
Eligibility: Loan for business use, own a registered motor vehicle or real estate property
How much can I borrow: 50% of vehicle trade-in value, up to 75% of property value (metro)
Interest Rate: As low as 0.60% per month (IO or PI)
Features: Pay off loan early to save interest
Suitable for: New or established business, builders or any other business
Documents required: Drivers license, car registration/council rate, last 2 months bank/mortgage statement


Loan Range: $1000 – $200,000
Term: 1 – 12 months
Eligibility: Trading 6+ months, cash/credit sales of $6000+ per month (shown on bank statements)
How much can I borrow: 40-50% of monthly sales e.g. Average monthly sales = $100,000, approval usually between$40-50K
Interest Rate: As low as 3% per month (PI)
Features: Pay off loan early to save interest
Suitable for: Existing cafe and retail businesses, service providers
Documents required: Drivers license, last 6 months of business statements, last 6 month of merchant statements

Ready to apply?
Go to to follow the link to a simple 3 step process to pre-approval for your short term business loan.

March 22, 2017

Take the time to check your home loan

There have been several articles on various media lately about some lenders that are raising their interest rates for a number loan products.
There are several reasons for this but the important thing is, that you, as a customer should not have to pay more for the same loan if you don’t need to.
The cheapest loan isn’t always the best loan but many customers stay with their loan out of convenience, not taking the time or having a mortgage broker find the best loan for you. can have a mortgage broker help you find the best loan available to you, to contact, click here.

A small change in the interest rate on a home loan can mean a lot over a long period of time. Below is a basic example of what repayment amounts would be for two differing loans at different interest rates.

Example 1 – For a home loan amount of $400,000 at an interest rate of 5.5%, the monthly repayment amount would be, $2271 per month. Over a 30 year loan, assuming the same interest rate, the total amount of interest paid would be, $417,616.

Example 2 – For a home loan amount of $400,000 at an interest rate of 4.9%, the monthly repayment amount would be, $2123 per month. Over a 30 year loan, assuming the same interest rate, the total amount of interest paid would be, $364,246.

For the same loan amount and same period of 30 years, between the two interest rates, the Example 1 loan would cost $53,370 more than Example 2. has a mortgage calculator you can use. If you would like to calculate your own home loan repayment estimate, please go to our mortgage calculator page.

Take the time to have a mortgage broker review your current home loan, contact us via our contact page. can also help with a number of other loans. A list of the types of loans can assist with can be found here.

If you are interested in speaking with us, please call 1300 221 471 or email

February 19, 2017

Interest Rates for 2017

Following from the Reserve Bank of Australia’a (RBA) first meetings of the year, there have been some signals that the interest rates could be set to rise in the second half of 2017.

There are many mixed signals in the Australian economy at the moment. House prices in some cities (particularly Melbourne and Sydney) continue to rise, with strong demand for housing in both cities.
On the flip side there are some concerns in the sames cities of an over supply of units with more apartment buildings due for completion this year.

Other cities around the country have mostly recorded small increases in general house prices with forecast of moderate growth for the likes of Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. Perth is experiencing a trend of lower house prices, mostly attributed to the lower demand in mining which had previously fueled a lot of housing price growth for Perth.

The mixed signals within the Australian economy are coming from various industries which are experiencing differing levels of activity, the mining industry is generally on a downturn and along with manufacturing. There are some growth areas within Information Technology and other specialised service industries. Overall, this has meant a relatively stable unemployment rate within Australia around the 5.5% mark.

Looking at the overall factors of the economy can be confusing, with different economic commentators painting differing pictures for the Australian economy. What can be said though for the purpose of home lending, the banks and other lenders are keen for new business and the lending market remains very competitive.

If you are looking for a home loan, commercial loan, business loan, investment loan or even short term business loans contact us here at to talk about your lending requirements. No loan is too small or too large and can talk with you about having a dedicated broker work with you to get the best available loan that suits your needs.

Contact on 1300 221 471 or email

August 21, 2016

RBA cash rate at 1.5% will it go lower?

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently announced a 0.25% cut to the cash rate down to 1.5%.

Most banks have passed on some of the cut with most cutting the standard variable rate on home loans by about 0.13%.

Many people believe that banks should be passing on the full RBA rate cut, most mortgage holders would agree I am sure.

There are several reasons for the RBA cutting rates, in the statement released by the RBA mainly to support stronger economic growth within Australia by encouraging private and business lending. You can read the full RBA monetary statement for August 2016 by following this link

There is various uncertainty within the Australian economy, with the continued weakening of the mining industry and other sectors experiencing low growth rates. The unemployment across the nation is heading higher, with some states experiencing worsening rates at a faster rate.

We have seen central banks in other countries lower their rates to 0% and some countries even experimenting with negative interest rates. The way things are in Australia, it would seem very unlikely that interest rates would go this low but should there be greater economic downturn and worsening business conditions, there is a remote chance of the interest rate heading towards 0%.

Whatever is happening in the economy and the RBA’s decision to cut rates, one thing is for sure, the lowering of interest rates will always be welcome news to mortgage holders.

If you a looking to ‘check in’ with your existing loan, or think it is time to borrow for that investment property or even want to borrow to buy your first or new home, why not contact us through our website

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